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Betty and Pearl’s favourite things…Volume 1

May 19, 2010

Today I am mostly trying to find things to distract myself from the boredom of my day job, so I figured I might share a few of my favourite things from around the world, internet based and otherwise. Instead of bursting into an off-key impersonation of The Sound of Music, I’ll spare the eardrums of those around me and, instead, thought I’d just write a little list of the things I like at the moment.

1: Red lipstick: This has to be number one. I don’t leave the house without red lipstck if I can help it. It’s gotten to the point that I feel like I look wrong without it. The best ones that I have ever found (and I have tried a lot) are always from MAC. My mainstay, every day, every weather colour is their lipglass in Russian Red – the colour stays better and longer than any other gloss I’ve tried, and you can change the colour depending on how little or how much you put on. I’m also a big fan of MAC’s matte lipsticks, again most favourably in Russian Red. It’s a bit more difficult to wear every day, as the matte finish can look a bit much, but it’s great for a dramatic look or something a little bit different.

2. Crude humour: I don’t care what anyone says, filthy humour is freaking hilarious. It’s up there with sarcasm and political incorrectness in its ability to make me laugh! I like Cyanide and Happiness and  Cracked for all the immature online  jokes you can shake a schtick at…no? Anyone? Schtick? Never mind.

3: Craft and creative websites: Basically I like websites that give me free things – patterns, instructions, ideas…I have yet to find one that will give me free money or holidays, but I live in hope. BurdaStyle is great for free clothing patterns, Threadbanger is fun and gives good step-by-step video tutorials, and I just stumbled onto this site today which has loads of instructions in loads of different categories, so should be fun for everyone! For recipe freaks, or at least anyone who likes to look at pictures of some sexy sexy looking food, Foodgawker can’t be beaten.

My sewing machine looks nothing like this

4. Fabric: As I mentioned previously, fabric shopping is one of the few things I can not only tolerate, but still enjoy while hungover! My best friend lives in Brighton, and I get a lot of my material there for a fantastic price. Here in Galway, I get a lot of the fabrics I use for my bags in Pippa Blue, formally Lola Rose on Middle Street. They have some gorgeous printed cottons, as well as a whole range of other lovely lovely things, and is a dangerous place to enter unless you’re prepared to come out with an armload of stuff!

Right then..I’ve successfully distracted myself all the way up until the end of my workday. Mission accomplished! Volume 2 to come…

Jenny xx

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  1. May 21, 2010 14:09

    I know that fabric shopping feeling…. can’t get enough of it!


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