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Betty and Pearl’s favourite things…Volume 2

May 21, 2010

In case you missed it a few days ago,

Ladies and gentlemen…Volume 2.

5. Dresses: I don’t own a pair of jeans. I may as well say it now, get it all out in the open. I don’t own them, I don’t like them, I don’t find them comfortable or handy to have. And actually attempting to shop for them the few times I have made me want to kill myself! I live in dresses and skirts. There’s just so much more variety and colour and comfort in them. I like feeling feminine and nothing can do that quite as well as a pretty dress, a string of pearls and a dash of red lipstick! I really like Modcloth, if for nothing else but inspiration! I suppose Topshop always deserves a mention as well, although I must admit I havn’t gotten anything decent in there in a while. To be honest, right now whenever I feel the need for a new dress (and that happens a lot!) I tend to just go fabric shopping instead and just make something new myself! I love doing it, and it always fits!

My favourite fabric of the moment..I'll look like a plate!

6. Family dinner: Not literally. Every Monday evening, a group of my friends and I gather in three of the girls’ house and have what we like to call “family dinner”. There’s about 10 of us in total and we all take turns cooking. It’s really lovely, because everyone always puts lots of effort and thought into what they make, and it’s great to have at least one day a week where we can all see each other. It’s a really nice way to start off the week and make Mondays more bearable! Not to mention that it’s at least one decent meal a week no matter how broke we are! Some of our more successful meals have been chicken lasagne, Louise’s fish pie, Ciara’s chicken and dumpling casserole, and Martha’s roast beef. We also make a mean Christmas dinner!

How creepy is the lurker at the bottom right of this picture?

7. Fun jewellery: I’m good at jewellery, necklaces in particular. Again, I get a good few pieces in Topshop and other high street places, but if I could afford it and PayPal worked properly every time I would get nearly everything from smaller, unique places. Tatty Devine, while not exactly little or obscure, still deserves a mention as one of the best places to find really fun, special and eye catching pieces. I love my Spec-lace I got from there, and I also have my eye on their Swing Girl and Trapeze necklaces. There are loads of really cool handmade jewellery shops on Etsy as well. My favourites are Mamas Little Babies, Tilly BloomHappenchance and Odd. I also found some hilarious and different badges at Beanforest. Even aside from the fact that you’re not likely to see anyone else wearing the same thing when you buy from these places, in my experience the customer service is nearly always exceptional, and it’s nice to know that you’re wearing something that someone has put a great deal of work, care and effort into.

8. And finally: One last thing I really really like? Weekends. And it’s arrived! This weekend I’m mostly going to be sewing, making and attending the legendary boutique music extravaganza that is TuamDance! 8 euros, 6 bands – what more could you want?!

This is the image that comes up when you google Tuamdance. I'm ok with that.

Have a good one!

Jenny xxx

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