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Greetings To You And Yours This Festival Season!

June 21, 2010

With Oxegen nearly upon us, it is officially festival season, and as such, people will now be clamouring for tents, sleeping bags, and crates upon crates of the cheapest beer Aldi can offer. I thought then, that this would be the perfect time to put together a little list of dont-forgets for all those lucky enough to have the tickets and time-off…I envy you all, but whatever, I can still have fun listening to the radio in my office! However, this being the blog that it is, the dont-forgets will also come with links to how to make them!

Ugh. Whatever. Filing is just as fun I'm sure!

Ugh. Whatever. Filing is just as fun I'm sure!

1. Tent and sleeping bag:

So let’s start with the basics. If you’re camping at a festival, a tent and sleeping bag are kind of important. Without them, you’ll be forced to resort to begging for accommodation in a neighbouring tent, theft, or passing out drunk in the mud. While these may seem like more attractive options the more beer you consume, three or four days of it will surely get a bit stale. And what better way to get into the festival spirit early than to make your own tent! Pick the colour and design of material of your choice so that your home away from home is nice and visible in the midst of it all, or if there’s not a lot of options, make a flag to fly high and mark your territory. Once your new abode is nice and sturdy, you’ll need something to keep you nice and toasty at night! And why go for the traditional sleeping bag when you stay warm in the super-stylish sleeping bag suit!

Festivals are often muddy catwalks for the summers latest trends.

2. Apparel:

As any magazine or newspaper supplement around this time of year will tell you, festival fashion is big. I do not support maxi dresses – they seem to rarely be worn the right way – but other than that, anything that can be added to with a pair of wellies (mine have cherries on!) and sunglasses are fair game. As with other occassions, it is important to accessorize, and really, what’s cooler in the summer than a visor! Not only does it effortlessly shield your eyes while you jump around to your favourite music, but in your downtime, just team it with a bum bag and garish, oversized shirt and you could pass as an extra on Saved By The Bell!

The 1980s: A confusing time

The 1980s: A confusing time

If you’re the type that likes to look your best, even when covered in mud, well then look no further than the tuxedo bib. For men and women alike, team this baby with skirts, dresses, jeans, shorts, or just wear it on it’s own if you really want to get into the paper. If the au naturel look leaves you a bit chilly, as these things tend to do, stalk your campside while staying snuggly in your very own panda hoodie! This is an easy one too, as you’re pretty much just decorating a sweatshirt, but think of the possibilities! Feeling feirce? Be a tiger for the afternoon! In a flap? Just tack some feathers to the hood and stand on one leg in the sun until the sunburn sets in and you’ve got yourself a pretty convincing flamingo! Finally, and leaving the most important for last, is the ago-old dilemma of how to slip your drink into the arena past the security guards to avoid those mega high beer prices! A bag is far too obvious, and although I’ve seen people really using their imaginations for this, even managing to slip cans in taped around their ankles, how about going for the much more comfortable and discrete Cargo Scarf! Change the size of the pockets to suit your needs, and you can also attach a keyring loop to carry that bottle opener I know you all have on your keys! Convenient and ingenious!

I possibly should have specified what kind I was talking about when I googled "festival fashion".

3. Supplies

Hand sanitiser, socks, sun lotion, torch, bottled water, paracetomol, ear plugs, raingear and toilet paper. I’m not going to tell you how to make your own toilet paper. For God’s sake, just go buy it!

And finally, if, like myself, you’re not going to a festival this year, don’t worry, we can still have fun! Just grab some vodka, raise the volume on your iTunes and meet me here!



Love, Jenny xx

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