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August: A month of luxury silks and golden dinosaurs

August 1, 2010

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to August. Who saw that coming eh? Not only is it August, but it’s the bank holiday weekend, and for those of us not quite as enthusiastic as the thousands of people crowding the streets of Galway for the last 7 days, the much welcome and blessed end of Race Week! Thank. God. Goodbye throngs of beer-stained suits, terrible tans and bleeding feet! Once a year is more than enough!

I mean, there are two men wearing cowboy hats for Christ's sake!

Anyhoo, back to business!

I love creative people, and I’m very lucky to be surrounded by very many of them. My best friend is a singer and musician who’s going to do amazing things, another is about to start an online comic, and pretty much everyone I know and love has got more creative bones in their bodies (whether they be artistic, photographic, musical, cookery or general thinking!) than you could shake a stick at.

For example, you would be hard pushed to shake this at all of them.

I also love creative people I don’t know but stumble across in my frequent internet crawls! A friend of mine recently introduced me to Craftgawker (a sister site to Foodgawker, host to the most mouth-wateringly sexy recipes you ever will see), where people post links to the best and beautiful handmade bits and pieces around the world, as well as some very clever tutorials. My favourite that I’ve found so far is this one by Paper n’ Stitch, showing how to make some very cool and quirky dinosaur pendants. So easy but so effective! I want one. Now. She also has some other great tutorials, like this one on making over old purses and handbags. In fact, the entire blog, as well as her accompanying website looks like an absolute haven for all things crafty and handmade!

Note to self - must buy gold paint

In Betty and Pearl news, this week I have mostly been planning the very soon-to-be new B&P luxury range! I’ve sourced some absolutely beautiful fabrics – delicate, crepe-like Dupion silk in some really striking colours, and amazingly lustrous ivory Duchesse silk, and have stocked up on freshwater pearls and  swarovski crystals . I’m just putting the finishing touches on my first few attempts and they’ll be up on my website, along with several new creations very very soon! I am, however, yet to come up with a name for the range so please, any ideas are more than welcome!

It is important to remember however that you can take swarovski crystals too far...

Love, Jenny xx

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  1. October 6, 2010 11:22

    really enjoyed reading your blog.only thing tha confuses me is that the rss feed is not working

  2. Shelly permalink
    April 28, 2011 17:55

    I made a golden dinosaur last night. I think you might like it. If I can find another chain somewhere I’ll make you one too.

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