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In A Flap!

August 15, 2010

This week I’ve introduced the newest additions to Betty And Pearl – my new “In A Flap” collection of feather headpieces!

"In A Flap" headpiece in Electricity

Available in 7 different colours, they’re made from hand-dyed and curled goose feathers, peacock feathers and finished with a generous smattering of beads and pearls, perfect for a little light decadence! As I’ve mentioned before, I really can’t wear hats – I have thick curly hair, they really don’t do anything for me! I end up looking more like a late 80’s Jesse Spannow than anything else! – but hairbands and accessories, those I can do! The pieces are secured to an elastic headband so that they sit perfectly and comfortably against your head, without you having to worry about it coming loose and falling off. I love the burlesque style, and the goose feathers (sourced from From California) remind me of the huge feather fans used by dancers in the Moulin Rouge! A little bit of naughtiness while still being able to keep your clothes on!

In "Seven Seas"...more practical than nipple tassles.

In other news, this week saw the surprise 30th Birthday party of my friend Graham, and I got convinced into making cupcakes as my contribution. But not just any cupcakes. See, Graham is a boob man, and so it only seemed natural to make that the theme of the party…and the food! Strangely enough, there isn’t exactly a recipe out there for boob cupcakes (or Titcakes as another friend dubbed them!), so I ended up modifying red velvet cakes with cream cheese icing. I spent a large part of my Friday trying to figure out what kind of food makes the best nipple (F.Y.I: mini marshmallows!), but I think they came out pretty well. Between them and the hot dogs on offer at the barbecue, the photos from the party are predictably lewd…the best kind of hilarious!

Clearly it was a cold evening!

Love, Jenny xxx

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