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Once upon a time…

September 21, 2010

This Sunday something bizarre happened. I woke up. Without a hangover. As this rarely happens, I decided, after getting over the shock of course, that I was going to make the best of it and do a little spring (September) cleaning and sprucing up. All day I cleared out the stores, re-arranged everything, put up some new frames, added a fresh coat of paint, and a few extra menus to make my newly improved home more light, welcoming and navigable for any visitors who may be stopping by. And all this without a pair of Marigold gloves in sight!  So now, ladies and gentlemen, after all my scrubbing and scouring, please do pop in and have a peek around the newly shiny and bright!

Not pictured: Mr. Sheen

As well as the new look website, I’ve also added some lovely new items! I’ve been playing with 100% dupion silk, pearls, beads, veiling, and lots of other bits and bobs to create a whole range with all the fantasy and glamour of fairytales, without the threat of a wayward wolf or pissed off stepmother with t0o much time on her hands and a chemical lab in her kitchen!

Love As A Bed of Roses

Painting the Roses Red headpiece

Marie Antoinette headpiece in Fuscia

Bye Bye Birdie headpiece

All of the pieces, as well as my burlesque feather headpieces, and all of Betty And Pearl’s handmade handbags are available on the website, and I’m more than happy to ship worldwide. So what do you say? Come on in, have a browse, try something lovely on (with your eyes!), and I’ll pop the kettle on! I’ll even let you write on my wall!

Love, Jenny xxx

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