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A Stern Word With Myself

January 12, 2011

Jenny. Now that the New Year is well and truly upon us, it is more than time for you to make some resolutions when it comes to Betty and Pearl. You lost a bit of motivation there in the last few months of 2010. That’s fine, it happens to the best of us, but now is the time to refocus and get back on track. You know what you should do? You should make a list. Lists are great.

1. Make at least one new thing every week.

This is non-negotiable young lady. If you can make more than that, wonderful, but I want to see at least one new item fully completed by each Sunday evening without fail. What’s more, you are to add a new item to the website every week as well. Now then, that’s not too much to ask, is it? Don’t you look at me like that!

2. Figure out your new camera…

…And use it to take better, brighter and more professional photos. Be a bit more creative in your sets and props, and take advantage of your friends’ heads to model headpieces on. You have the tools, you should use them! (That was in no means an insult to your friends’ heads. Those are lovely.)

Such lovely, horrifying heads

3. Remember Etsy?

Do not ignore or lose faith in Etsy. You may not have found it as effective as you had thought you would, and you may not have the time to put the maximum effort and concentration into it like a lot of full-time sellers seem to, but it is an important and established marketplace, there for the taking. Take it!

4. Experiment

New shapes, materials, methods. Get out of your comfort zone a bit  and use your imagination. Learn how to make sleeves once and for all, that was always a tricky one…although maybe this time don’t go practising on your lovely expensive silk. Figure out this corsetry business – if nothing else, it will allow you to use the word “boning” more in every day conversation. That’s always a plus!

Always fun!

5. For God’s sake woman, update your blog more!

I’ll be realistic and put a minimum of one update per month on this, but again, if you can manage more, do it! I know it’s a pain that work blocked all the websites that you research your posts on, but there’s other time which would be better spent doing something constructive rather than sitting staring at facebook. It also completely frees up your work day to properly focus on quality control and document changes…That was supposed to be a good thing, but I can’t for the life of me figure out why.

6. Market your brand better.

Hell, market it at all!  Instead of just talking about it, find, research and approach Irish shops to see if they’d be interested in stocking your wares. Approach magazines, newspapers, and anyone else who you might be able to badger into giving you some publicity. Even if nothing comes of it, it certainly can’t hurt.

Except for the bitter sting of rejection.

Remember, you’re (hopefully) going back to college in September, and won’t be able to rely on poorly paid medical administration for money. If you put in enough work and effort now, there is the slightest chance that you might have established yourself enough by then to be able to support yourself on Betty and Pearl alone, and not have to resort to crappy retail yet again. I’m pretty sure we agreed that 5 years of that was more than enough!

7. Wear more silk.

That is all.

Ah..isn't imagination a wonderful thing.

8. Make famous friends…

…and use their fame to your advantage by forcing them to wear your brand. In fact, any of my friends right now with any aspirations or potential to become famous (and you know who you are!) should take this as a warning that I will not only be riding on your coat-tails but also insisting on making them, and making you tell all your other famous friends!

"Why, what lovely coat tails. Oh my, a Betty and Pearl original you say?!"

There now, you’ve got your goals for the year, it’s all nicely laid out, easy to follow, and even illustrated with poorly chosen political cartoons! Now all you have to do is follow these nice, simple steps and 2011 will be a productive year! And if you don’t, I will drag you back to your sewing machine by your ear and sew your sleeves to the table.

Love, Jenny x

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  1. January 12, 2011 23:06

    Yeah you tell her, Jenny! Honestly, your stuff is gorgeous & unique (especially in Ireland) and if you’re not sold out & snowed under with orders then it’s only because not enough folks know about you. You should be in the Irish Times mag, stocked in the Cow’s Lane market, etc, not to mention featured on Irish fashion blogs – you should write a little press release & send them a few photos of yourself with the stuff. I could be convinced to do some shooting for you in return for a lovely handbag… or two 😉 (*pushes luck* :P) Google the nominees for the Irish Fashion Blogger of the Year & get emailin’.

    I hope to see more of Betty & Pearl in 2011 – much, much more! x

    *dashes off to write self-admonishing list of resolutions*

  2. January 13, 2011 11:01

    Ooh, you are full of good ideas, and I may just be calling upon you for your shutterbug services if that would be alright with you! I’m sure we could come to some sort of…arrangement…(that was not meant to sound as creepy as it came out!) x

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