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Betty and Pearl’s first photoshoot!

May 12, 2011

Two weeks ago, Betty and Pearl had its very first photoshoot, and like a proud mother, I have been flashing the photos at anyone who’ll look at them since! My dream team included the crazily talented photographer, Yvonne Ryan (who you should all check out on facebook), star stylist, Byron Yeates, and model extraordinaire, Ciara O’Doherty. The shoot took place in my (tidied for the occasion) bedroom, but with Yvonne’s fancy professional lighting equipment and a few sheets of temporary wallpaper you’d never know it (…at least I hope it’s temporary, this is a rented house!). Byron whipped Ciara’s hair into three vintage-inspired styles to suit the three different items we were capturing and then Ciara worked her own magic in front of the camera. For my part, I pretty much just ran around with my own camera taking behind-the-scenes shots, trying not to get in the way. I also provided cake.

The dream team themselves. Aren't they lovely?

(Cup and) saucy!

A natural behind the camera, and in front of it!

Lookin' good B!

Lesson to take away: cake is key to a good photoshoot.

The photos are mostly supposed to function as press photos. We chose three different looks, with a combination of three different bags and three different headpieces (all of which are, or will soon be available on my website), which I think covers quite well, the different styles Betty and Pearl caters to. Look one included the prettily romantic “Bed of Roses” bag, along with the “All A’Flutter” headpiece, both of which feature rose petals aplenty, with the headpiece topped off with pretty glittering butterflies.

 Look two showed off the more signature Betty and Pearl style, with the “Earn Your Wings” feather headpiece in red and the “Hey Dollface” kisslock bag featuring quite possibly  my favourite print to date which was scattered with little Russian dolls!

Finally look three, showcased my new secret weapon, and the reason my bedroom carpet is now contantly covered in glitter. I’m pretty sure I’ve inhaled a fair amount of the stuff at this stage as well. Featuring swathes of the most wonderful sparkling, glittering material in the world (fact), is the “All That Glitters” clutchbag and the “Heart of Gold” fascinator.

I have to say I’m even happier with the end results than I thought I’d be, and would like to thank once again, my  three wonderful friends who helped me out so well with them. You’re all only lovely! And didn’t my babies do well! (By babies, I am of course referring to my B&P items…not my friends. That would be creepy really, wouldn’t it?) For a closer look at any of the pieces so beautifully captured in the above photos, head on over to

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  1. May 12, 2011 18:53

    Craic was had! Glad you’re happy with how they turned out 🙂

    (Still finishing off those Coconut Creams…mmm)

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