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In A Flap!

August 15, 2010

This week I’ve introduced the newest additions to Betty And Pearl – my new “In A Flap” collection of feather headpieces!

"In A Flap" headpiece in Electricity

Available in 7 different colours, they’re made from hand-dyed and curled goose feathers, peacock feathers and finished with a generous smattering of beads and pearls, perfect for a little light decadence! As I’ve mentioned before, I really can’t wear hats – I have thick curly hair, they really don’t do anything for me! I end up looking more like a late 80’s Jesse Spannow than anything else! – but hairbands and accessories, those I can do! The pieces are secured to an elastic headband so that they sit perfectly and comfortably against your head, without you having to worry about it coming loose and falling off. I love the burlesque style, and the goose feathers (sourced from From California) remind me of the huge feather fans used by dancers in the Moulin Rouge! A little bit of naughtiness while still being able to keep your clothes on!

In "Seven Seas"...more practical than nipple tassles.

In other news, this week saw the surprise 30th Birthday party of my friend Graham, and I got convinced into making cupcakes as my contribution. But not just any cupcakes. See, Graham is a boob man, and so it only seemed natural to make that the theme of the party…and the food! Strangely enough, there isn’t exactly a recipe out there for boob cupcakes (or Titcakes as another friend dubbed them!), so I ended up modifying red velvet cakes with cream cheese icing. I spent a large part of my Friday trying to figure out what kind of food makes the best nipple (F.Y.I: mini marshmallows!), but I think they came out pretty well. Between them and the hot dogs on offer at the barbecue, the photos from the party are predictably lewd…the best kind of hilarious!

Clearly it was a cold evening!

Love, Jenny xxx


August: A month of luxury silks and golden dinosaurs

August 1, 2010

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to August. Who saw that coming eh? Not only is it August, but it’s the bank holiday weekend, and for those of us not quite as enthusiastic as the thousands of people crowding the streets of Galway for the last 7 days, the much welcome and blessed end of Race Week! Thank. God. Goodbye throngs of beer-stained suits, terrible tans and bleeding feet! Once a year is more than enough!

I mean, there are two men wearing cowboy hats for Christ's sake!

Anyhoo, back to business!

I love creative people, and I’m very lucky to be surrounded by very many of them. My best friend is a singer and musician who’s going to do amazing things, another is about to start an online comic, and pretty much everyone I know and love has got more creative bones in their bodies (whether they be artistic, photographic, musical, cookery or general thinking!) than you could shake a stick at.

For example, you would be hard pushed to shake this at all of them.

I also love creative people I don’t know but stumble across in my frequent internet crawls! A friend of mine recently introduced me to Craftgawker (a sister site to Foodgawker, host to the most mouth-wateringly sexy recipes you ever will see), where people post links to the best and beautiful handmade bits and pieces around the world, as well as some very clever tutorials. My favourite that I’ve found so far is this one by Paper n’ Stitch, showing how to make some very cool and quirky dinosaur pendants. So easy but so effective! I want one. Now. She also has some other great tutorials, like this one on making over old purses and handbags. In fact, the entire blog, as well as her accompanying website looks like an absolute haven for all things crafty and handmade!

Note to self - must buy gold paint

In Betty and Pearl news, this week I have mostly been planning the very soon-to-be new B&P luxury range! I’ve sourced some absolutely beautiful fabrics – delicate, crepe-like Dupion silk in some really striking colours, and amazingly lustrous ivory Duchesse silk, and have stocked up on freshwater pearls and  swarovski crystals . I’m just putting the finishing touches on my first few attempts and they’ll be up on my website, along with several new creations very very soon! I am, however, yet to come up with a name for the range so please, any ideas are more than welcome!

It is important to remember however that you can take swarovski crystals too far...

Love, Jenny xx!

July 19, 2010

Happy Monday you lovely lovely people. I know, my blogging has been few and far between in the last 2 weeks, but rest assured I have been working away at new designs, as well as something else I’m very excited about…Betty and Pearl’s new website!

I purchased the domain about 3 weeks ago and have been hard at it since, trying to design it to look just how I want…while having little to no actual computer or graphic design expertise!

For example, I have yet to figure out how to make my laptop do this.

The website will be updated frequently with all the newest additions to the Betty and Pearl line, and will hopefully soon also play host to a new bridal range. I’m very excited about it as it means that anyone can buy what they want when they want without having to go through my Etsy shop, which I know can be a bit confusing and intimidating. Payments are accepted by PayPal or credit card, and I am more than willing to ship internationally.

Now, as it was only launched early this morning there are probably a few snags that I have yet to discover or figure out, and I’d be very grateful if you’d let me know if you find any, as well as if you could let me know what you think. I’m going to try to make it as easy to navigate as possible and hopefully also as easy to find!

Which brings me to a final request…I would really really appreciate it if people could put a link to the website on their own blog or anywhere else really! Apparently with certain search engines, it’s not enough to submit a website to actually get it listed, and the more it is linked on bigger sites (like facebook and wordpress for example) the better and more likely it is to be found by people searching for it.

Thank you for your help, and please feel free to browse at Betty and Pearl!

Love Jenny xx

Snap(cap) Happy

July 5, 2010

On Friday evening, while doing the usual pre-weekend beer run, I found what may in fact be the most simple and best invention since the Cleavage Caddy! Who hasn’t opened a can of your favourite beverage only to be forced to either leave it behind or knock it back when you’re in a rush? Or felt the sting of disappointment when you take an intermittent swig of your drink during an intense conversation only to find it ‘s gone flat? Or felt the literal sting of a bee or wasp when you’re enjoying a nice cold one outside? Well worry no more citizens, for the Snap Cap is here! Basically a sawn-off bottle top that fits over most cans (including the ones of importance…beer and cider, I’m looking at you), and allows you to keep your can covered or closed, traps the fizz, and makes it transportable without fear of spills! Amazing! I really don’t know how this was only invented now!

It also doubles as the can equivalent of a fake moustache disguise.

Yes I know, it’s not really in keeping with the rest of my blog, but I really felt the need to share it with the world!

In other news, after a relatively lazy B&P week, I actually had a very productive Sunady yesterday, the products of which will become public very soon, so keep a look out. It’s quite exciting if I do say so myself, so hopefully it’ll actually work out properly! I have also ordered a heap of new supplies, and am fully motivated to get a new batch o’ bags out in the next few weeks so stay tuned. Same bag time, same bag channel!

Love Jenny xx

Whole-sailing away to Italy…

July 2, 2010

Ok, that was a terrible pun.

Anyway, putting that behind us, MissNoise has just confirmed their order for their second batch of Betty and Pearl handbags. This time the Starlight Picnic bag and the Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot..bag will be joined by the Southern Belle bag on the shelves in Italy! Woo!

Southern Belle bag

I’m very excited that this means I can afford new purse frames! Eeee! I’m also heading to Brighton again next week, and, in between the debauchery, plan to visit my bags in their new home on the shelves of MamaSan and make a stop in some of my favourite fabric shops for as much silk as will fit in my Ryanair-approved hand luggage!

I’m currently thinking of branching out into bridal and evening bags, which will give me a chance to play with more luxurious fabrics as well as beautiful swarovski crystals and maybe even a few peacock feathers if I can source them! Below is the official photo of my aunt’s “Get Me To The Church” bridal bag, which went down a treat!

"Get Me To The Church" bridal bag

So now that you’re all caught up on all the Betty and Pearl gossip, I also want to say a quick thank you to the lovely Louise McSharry, who gave me a shout-out on her blog…isn’t she very good.

Love Jenny xx

Brighton Rocks!

June 22, 2010

Betty and Pearl is now available in Mama San in Brighton! 🙂 This makes me very happy.

Jenny xx

Bohemian Rhapsody bag available at Mama San!

Sunny Skies bag

Forget-Me-Not bag

Sitting Pretty bag

Bone Idol bag

Greetings To You And Yours This Festival Season!

June 21, 2010

With Oxegen nearly upon us, it is officially festival season, and as such, people will now be clamouring for tents, sleeping bags, and crates upon crates of the cheapest beer Aldi can offer. I thought then, that this would be the perfect time to put together a little list of dont-forgets for all those lucky enough to have the tickets and time-off…I envy you all, but whatever, I can still have fun listening to the radio in my office! However, this being the blog that it is, the dont-forgets will also come with links to how to make them!

Ugh. Whatever. Filing is just as fun I'm sure!

Ugh. Whatever. Filing is just as fun I'm sure!

1. Tent and sleeping bag:

So let’s start with the basics. If you’re camping at a festival, a tent and sleeping bag are kind of important. Without them, you’ll be forced to resort to begging for accommodation in a neighbouring tent, theft, or passing out drunk in the mud. While these may seem like more attractive options the more beer you consume, three or four days of it will surely get a bit stale. And what better way to get into the festival spirit early than to make your own tent! Pick the colour and design of material of your choice so that your home away from home is nice and visible in the midst of it all, or if there’s not a lot of options, make a flag to fly high and mark your territory. Once your new abode is nice and sturdy, you’ll need something to keep you nice and toasty at night! And why go for the traditional sleeping bag when you stay warm in the super-stylish sleeping bag suit!

Festivals are often muddy catwalks for the summers latest trends.

2. Apparel:

As any magazine or newspaper supplement around this time of year will tell you, festival fashion is big. I do not support maxi dresses – they seem to rarely be worn the right way – but other than that, anything that can be added to with a pair of wellies (mine have cherries on!) and sunglasses are fair game. As with other occassions, it is important to accessorize, and really, what’s cooler in the summer than a visor! Not only does it effortlessly shield your eyes while you jump around to your favourite music, but in your downtime, just team it with a bum bag and garish, oversized shirt and you could pass as an extra on Saved By The Bell!

The 1980s: A confusing time

The 1980s: A confusing time

If you’re the type that likes to look your best, even when covered in mud, well then look no further than the tuxedo bib. For men and women alike, team this baby with skirts, dresses, jeans, shorts, or just wear it on it’s own if you really want to get into the paper. If the au naturel look leaves you a bit chilly, as these things tend to do, stalk your campside while staying snuggly in your very own panda hoodie! This is an easy one too, as you’re pretty much just decorating a sweatshirt, but think of the possibilities! Feeling feirce? Be a tiger for the afternoon! In a flap? Just tack some feathers to the hood and stand on one leg in the sun until the sunburn sets in and you’ve got yourself a pretty convincing flamingo! Finally, and leaving the most important for last, is the ago-old dilemma of how to slip your drink into the arena past the security guards to avoid those mega high beer prices! A bag is far too obvious, and although I’ve seen people really using their imaginations for this, even managing to slip cans in taped around their ankles, how about going for the much more comfortable and discrete Cargo Scarf! Change the size of the pockets to suit your needs, and you can also attach a keyring loop to carry that bottle opener I know you all have on your keys! Convenient and ingenious!

I possibly should have specified what kind I was talking about when I googled "festival fashion".

3. Supplies

Hand sanitiser, socks, sun lotion, torch, bottled water, paracetomol, ear plugs, raingear and toilet paper. I’m not going to tell you how to make your own toilet paper. For God’s sake, just go buy it!

And finally, if, like myself, you’re not going to a festival this year, don’t worry, we can still have fun! Just grab some vodka, raise the volume on your iTunes and meet me here!



Love, Jenny xx